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Early Music Library

(EML101-382) - The Early Music Library is a series of 282 titles, published as sets of scores, designed as tasters of many kinds of music, ranging from Adam de la Halle (13th century), Landini and Machaut (14th), Dufay, Ockeghem, Binchois, Busnois (15th) right up to the early 18th century. There are small anthologies of villancicos, or Lutheran hymn setting, popular chansons and many more. Also collections with 4 or 5 settings of a single tune, whether a plainsong hymn (.e.g. Pange Lingua, Ave maris stella or Da pacem) or a German Tenorlied (Ich stund an einem Morgen) or a 15th-century song (Fors seulement or D'ung aultre amer). An opportunity to try out different kinds of music without spending too much money (prices from £2.50 to £5.50, with special offers on complete sets of music for a given number of parts).

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