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New Titles

London Pro Musica Edition has one of the largest catalogues of early music in practical editions available. It is particularly strong in 16th- and early 17th century instrumental music, including the largest repertoire of dance music that you can find.

Our Editions

You will find our editions well laid-out, with minimal page turns. All titles are either computer-set Introductions are informative, and normally the ranges of each part are given, to help you choose the best instruments or voices.


In preparation for a relocation later in the year, we are having a massive sale, with over 300 titles going for as little as £2.50, and our complete sets for £25 or less. Where you see an arrow / link you can click to download a pdf of that catalogue.

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We are offering massive discounts, typically around 45%, on the purchase of a following complete series:

New Titles

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Our Early Dance Music series with this title contains almost all the surviving French and Italian dance music from the Renaissance, together with massive selections from Michael Praetorius’ famous Terpsichore. The three volumes of early 16th-century Italian dances include all the classics, such as La rocha el fuso, La bataglia, Zorzi etc.

TIELMAN SUSATO, Danserye (1551)

Our edition of this famous collection is the only one available that gives a full commentary to help you find other settings of the more popular tunes.


We now have 4 volumes of these:


Ricercate e Passaggi: improvisation and ornamentation, 1580-1630.

This series will, when complete, contain almost all the examples of written out decorated parts from the great Italian diminution manuals of Dalla Casa, Bassano, Rognoni, Bovicelli, Spadi, Bonizzi etc. It includes the entire viola bastarda repertoire, in which the solo viola da gamba decorates different parts of a piece in turn. The latest title is a Canzon da sonar on “Susanne un jour”, with divisions in all the parts.

If you are interested in learning how to decorate the music of around 1600, there is no better place to start than this series. Volume 11 contains no less than 9 different settings of a famous madrigal, Rore’s Ancor che col partire. Another volume (7) consists of different versions of Lassus’ Susanne un jour.

The series also includes the two collections of unaccompanied ricercars by AurelioVirgiliano and Bassano, which provide excellent practice material for early wind and stringed instruments.



This series includes over 60 polychoral pieces for instrument, mostly in 8 parts, as well as around 50 similar pieces for voices and instruments. Particularly fine are the pieces by Giovanni Battista Grillo, j and Ascanio Trombetti, all of which work very well on wind instruments. There are also some quite witty pieces by Viadana, Rovigo and Biumi. The format of this series is flexible, so you can have any combination of scores and parts that you want (or just scores in the case of the vocal pieces).

Andrea + Giovanni Gabrieli, Complete Instrumental Music

This includes 36 works published individually, as well as a complete set with boxed parts of the 15 pieces from Symphoniae Sacrae (1597). Music in from 5 to 22 parts.


Chamber Music of the 17th-century for 1-2 solo instruments and continuo. We have many of the classic early Italian pieces: the sonatas by Cima, Castello, all of those by Turini, and many by Rossi and Uccellini in a growing list. There are serious intense pieces, lively canzoni da sonar and dazzling variations on popular tunes.


The Early Music Library is a series of 282 titles, published as sets of scores, designed as tasters of many kinds of music, ranging from Adam de la Halle (13th century), Landini and Machaut (14th), Dufay, Ockeghem, Binchois, Busnois (15th) right up to the mid-17th century. There are small anthologies of villancicos, or Lutheran hymn setting, popular chansons and many more. Also collections with 4 or 5 settings of a single tune.



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